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Got Big Wood?! From Soft to Hard

Wood Table Tops, Countertops 
Bar Tops

We are no longer offering ANY Custom tops/tables. Only our standard tops that we stock in house.

Installation- Things to consider

Depending on which solid wood counter you are installing, whether it's a counter made from solid wood boards that are glued up side by side made from new or reclaimed lumber or wood slabs cut from a log or tree it is natural for a wood counter to expand and contract during weather and humidity changes. All wood counters should be secured with screws with slotted holes so expansion and contraction can facilitate with slots, unslotted screw holes may cause splitting of counter along glue joints or areas of weaker straight grain.
Considering that wood slabs are not dried to a moisture content of 7% such as glued up boards, wood slabs have a higher moisture content of about 12-15% which results in that wood slabs shrink and expand more which will refrain the screws to be installed in the outer portion of the slotted holes. 
Adequate hold down support must be installed. Counter must not overhang in an area perpendicular to the grain (meaning at its width) more the 6” with either wood or metal brackets on its spine must have support no more the 48” apart and a maximum of 12” over hang on its lengths direction Wood counter will never warp or twist if properly secured. Boards & Beams will NOT be held liable for counter or table (twisting and or warping) by customer or contractor. 
Counter or tabletop made by Boards & Beams should be installed and secured within a day or two of delivery to prevent warping , twisting or cupping of product can not be installed with that time frame. Product should not be stored in a damp area such as garage or basement or any out building should not be stored vertically against a wall or other building material against it. Product should not be stored near a HVAC vent with direct air blowing. 

Warranties on Counters

Boards & Beams will NOT be held responsible for any warping, splitting, bending, checking or twisting due to improper installation or if the top moved during the acclimation process. 
Bases where the tops are being installed should be adequately engineered.
Your counter will come with a 3 month workmanship warranty which includes glue joints, improperly sanded surfaces, and unsightly touch-up. Finished surface scratches are not covered days after counter has been delivered. Counters will only be covered under warranty on the day it was delivered. We advise every one of our customers to inspect their counter when being delivered. In the case of any scratches upon delivery, Boards & Beams, will refinish the counter at no cost.
Boards & Beams will not cover counter if altered by owner from its original size and shape. All warranties will be voided but Boards & Beams will make repairs at a fee to the customer.

Care of your Counter

Solid wood counters are no different than any other wood furniture in your home. A damp sponge with a little soap can be used to clean most spills or messes. No harsh chemicals, detergents, abrasive pads or steel wool should be used. Although your new counter might resemble a Butcher Block keep in mind that it is not a Butcher Block. Our counters are closer to fine furniture which should be cared for in the same way. Cutting boards and mats must be use on all of our counters as they are finished with high quality commercial grade lacquer or conversion varnish but are not 100% prone to scratches. Such care must be taken to prevent damage to your counter.

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