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Got Big Wood?! From Soft to Hard

Affordable Style and Safety for Outdoor Living
• When you select the 200 Series, you can be confident that you’re making an economical choice—without sacrificing performance. Then, when you take a look at this series’ baluster, color, and post cap possibilities, you’ll see how just how one-of-a-kind your rail can be.

• The 200 Series top rail is flat and has a small, 3” profile, while the bottom rail is a simple rectangle. When properly installed, the 200 Series has no visible screws.

• Since the 200 Series railing comes in three colors and can be used with three different baluster styles, you can tailor the look of the product to your tastes. The multiple post cap possibilities add another level of customization.
200 Series Baluster Options
• Madison Vinyl Baluster is available in 31″.

• Model Vinyl Baluster is available in 31″ & 37″.
• York Aluminum Baluster is available 31″ & 37″*.
• *37″ York Aluminum Baluster is only available in White & Black.